Red Deer Rut

The sound of a red deer stag bellowing is both unmistakeable and unforgettable. At this time of year stags are battling to show their dominance to gather together a harem of females. 

Pumped full of testosterone and dripping musk they throw their heads back and roar a challenge to all comers. When the challenge is answered and territory and females are fought over, the two great beasts drop their heads and ram into each other with their antlers.

The easiest way to see and hear the rut is to go on a ranger-led guided walk. Keep an eye on the events calendar (link) to get details. Alternatively one of the easiest places and best chances is down Glen Muick, taking the minor road from Ballater. Big herds can also be found in the uplands of Atholl estate and around the Ladder hills, east of Glenlivet.

If you plan on going looking for deer, please be careful not to disturb any stalking activities.

Find out more at: head for the hills

Embedded video of deer rut and links to info sites

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